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Buying a Microscope

We ensure we discuss your requirements with you before recommending any particular microscope. It is often possible to arrange a demonstration of most microscopes so that you can see it in person and try it out.
As an independent company we can freely recommend the most suitable microscope for your requirements and budget. We have access to microscopes from a range of companies so we are free to impartially advise you without obligation.
Within Oxfordshire we do not charge for delivery and installation. Outside of this we endeavour to avoid any charges but we will always make this clear before purchase. If we cannot deliver to you in person we are more than happy to talk you through the installation process to ensure your microscope is setup correctly.
We supply a range of different cameras which can be fitted to most microscopes. Often they can also be retrofitted to microscopes previously purchased in order to benefit new camera technology.
We recommend replacing mercury vapour with LED illumination systems to provide a long lasting lighting solution which complies with current health and safety guidelines. These modern systems offer many benefits such as lower bleaching of fluorescence filters, a longer lifespan and cost savings as bulbs no longer need to be replaced.
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Microscope service and maintenance

Depending on how often it is used, we usually recommend an annual service which helps prevent major issues and spots any problems which may occur in the future. Our engineers can advise on any repairs and further maintenance that may need to be carried out if necessary.

Every service includes a full inspection of your microscope including decontamination, disassembly of all major parts, cleaning of all optical surfaces, lubrication of mechanical parts and reassembly. Small parts and repairs which can be carried out onsite are also included. If we need to undertake a repair offsite, this is discussed with you prior to doing so and a no obligation estimate is given for the repair work required.

Before getting in touch with us it is worth checking a couple of common issues. Firstly check the power cable is connected correctly as it can sometimes work loose of the power socket. If you have more than one microscope, try using a different power cable and/or wall socket. Finally try replacing the bulb if you have a spare one available. If these methods fail to solve the problem, please get in touch!
We can supply anti-static dust covers for all microscopes so that when they are not in use they can be protected from dust and other contaminants in the local environment. Furthermore an air blower can quickly and safely remove dust which has collected on your microscope.
A common problem is that when using a high magnification oil objective a user forgets to remove the slide before using a dry objective. This can result in immersion oil getting on the lens of the dry objective producing an unclear image. Our engineers can remove the oil from the lens and advise on good practice to prevent the issue reoccurring.
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If your question is not listed please contact us and we will be happy to provide free advice and recommendations.

Contact for sales and servicing

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are waiting to hear from you.

We will endeavour to assist you promptly with all Microscope related issues, including problems with 3rd party services and applications.


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