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Leica DM2500

“Outstanding Possibilities”

The Leica DM2500 provides a wealth of application options and contrast methods. The DM2500 can be configured to a user’s specific needs, is well-designed for convenience and efficiency, and features outstanding optical qualities. 

The DM2500 is well-suited for microscopic research that depends on sophisticated contrast methods and features Leica’s excellent optics. The DM2500 with powerful 100W illumination is ideal for highly light-absorbent specimens and DIC.

The Leica DM2500 is optionally available with a durable, high-quality fluorescence axis. The fluorescence axis for the Leica DM2500 features five filter block positions on an easy-to-turn disk. If more filter blocks are required, the convenient quick-release allows replacement blocks to be snapped into place. The integrated neutral filter allows intensity reduction, which protect the specimen.

  • Manufacturer – Leica




    – 2-step focussing (coarse/fine), torque adjustment, adjustable focus stop

    – 6-fold nosepiece

    – Ergo stage with ceramic stage plate (left/right adaptation possib.)

    – Slide holder one hand slide exchange

    – XY-stage control standard, left/right

    – Standard focus knobs

    – With Flip out true colour blue filter

    – Binocular tube HC -/4/4

    – Transmitted light brightfield (BF)

    – Condenser achr.-apl. (P) with switchable condenser top and aperture diaphragm

    – Planachromats N PLAN 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x, pair of eyepieces 10x/22M

Optional upgrades and extras

– 7-Fold nosepiece

– A variety of trinocular heads and c-mounts for stand-alone cameras

– Camera imaging system

– Rotating stage

– Fluorescence illumination system

– Phase, Darkfield, DIC & Polarising contrast methods

– Ergonomic tilting head

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