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Leica DM500

“Science Teaching Made Easy”

The Leica DM500 microscope was specifically developed to revitalize science teaching and to achieve the goal of more hands-on time for Life science courses. 

With many student-friendly features and high-quality construction, the Leica DM500 invigorates science learning and teaches the next generation of scientists effectively and efficiently. 

The Leica DM500 is ideal for first level Life Science courses. The microscope’s stand features provide “plug and play” capability. All students need to do is turn the power on, place the specimen slide on the stage, focus, and enjoy the view!

Manufacturer – Leica




– DM 500 Right Hand Stage Stand with 4 position nosepiece

– Mechanical stage with non extending rack and slide holder

– Pre- Centred and Pre-Focused Abbe condenser with slot for Phase and Darkfield Sliders and labels for matching objective magnifications

– LED illumination

– Built in handle and cord wrap

– Manual 45 degree Binocular EZ Tube with integrated 10X/18 eyepieces and Pre Set Diopters

– Universal Power Supply

– Dust Cover

– Objectives:
Plan 4X/0.10NA, 26.2mmW.D.
Plan 10x/0.22 NA, 7.8 mm W.D.
Plan 40X/0.65 NA, 0.31mm W.D.
Plan 100x/1.25 NA, 0.10MM W.D.

Optional upgrades and extras

– A variety of trinocular viewing tubes and C-mount adapters for stand-alone camera

– Integrated Leica ICC50 Camera: Fits between the microscope’s viewing tube and stand for the best system integration and alignment

– Phase contrast slider

– Darkfield slider

– 10×/20 focusing eyepieces

– Eyepiece reticules

– Left hand stage stand

– HI Plan objectives

– HI Plan Phase Contrast objectives

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