Microscope Sales


We have a microscope to suit any budget, from educational microscopes through to advanced research systems.

Alongside our microscopes we have a range of LED lighting solutions for fluorescence and brightfield microscopy, HD and Wi-Fi enabled cameras and a large range of bulbs and other accessories

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Microscope Servicing


All of our servicing contracts follow UKAS protocols to ensure that our service is of the highest standard. Our servicing includes:

  • Decontamination of your microscope with anti-bacterial disposable wipes and an electrical test
  • Disassembly and inspection of all major components
  • Inspection and cleaning of all optical surfaces
  • Lubrication of mechanical parts where necessary
  • Reassembly and a final test of the microscope
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Annual or One-Off Servicing

We cater for all companies and institutions and can provide an annual service or a one-off visit as and when required. Our servicing can be tailored to your requirements, however frequently it is required.
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Microscope Repairs


We undertake repairs of a variety of microscopes dependant on the availability of any replacement parts if required. 

We recommend a brief telephone conversation with one of our engineers to ascertain the viability and estimated cost of any repair.

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Illumination Upgrades


We can supply metal halide or LED illumination solutions for your fluorescence microscopes which can replace old mercury vapour bulbs.

Mercury vapour bulbs are now not recommended for health and safety reasons and normally only last around 200 hours. In contrast modern LED systems can last 25,000 hours on average.

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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are waiting to hear from you.

We will endeavour to assist you promptly with all Microscope related issues, including problems with 3rd party services and applications.

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