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Leica S APO

“Visibly Better”

The Greenough stereo microscope, Leica S APO with apochromatic 8:1 zoom and 75mm working distance allows easy access to specimen even at high magnification up to 80x which is ideal for quality control, cell sorting and microinjection applications.

Ergonomic 38° viewing angle provides comfort, which helps increase productivity, reduce fatigue-related inspection errors and acquire precise positioning while working with incident or transmitted light.

Adjustable zoom stops allows fast, easy, repeatable measurements and inspections. The Integrated Documentation port allows connection to digital cameras.

Your Advantages:

– Apochromatic 8:1 zoom with magnification 10x-80x: allows one instrument to be used for fast, accurate inspection with 80x magnification at 75 mm working distance which saves on the cost of additional instruments

– 38° angle eye tubes: for comfort and convenience

– 75 mm working distance: provides easy access to specimen and up to 80x magnification for PCB board inspection and repair, for example

– Optional fluorescent ring light: provides very soft light, which reduces eye strain and prevents high reflexes from high reflecting surfaces such as welding points

  • Manufacturer – Leica




    – 8.1:1 Apochromatic Zoom

    – 38° viewing angle

    – 10x-80x magnification range

    – 75mm working distance

    – 23mm object field

    – Incident-light stand

    – 2 adjustable zoomstops

    – Integrated 100% video/photo port

Optional upgrades and extras

– A wide variety of alternative/additional standard, Ergo’ and adjustable objectives

– Incident-light, transmitted-light and swingarm stands

– A wide variety of illumination sources including the KL200 LED and LED3000 NVI

– Ergonomic eyepieces

– FlexArm for fitting to stage or wall

– Gliding, cup and polarizing stages

– A wide variety of c-mounts for stand-alone camera systems

– Stand-alone camera system

– Measuring graticules for measuring lengths and for counting

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