Stereo microscopes

Leica M125

Supreme performance is not always the most important requirement. In many routine situations, you simply need a microscope that is exceptionally tough and reliable, and compatible with a wide range of accessories.

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Leica M165C

For those who wish to continue working with classic stereomicroscopes, the Leica M165 C is equal to almost every need.

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Leica M205C

It does not matter if you need a large work surface with lots of room for handling specimens or analyzing the tiniest details, which were previously detectable only with a light microscope.

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Leica M80

The Leica M80 zoom stereomicroscope can be used for a wide range of routine applications with switchable grid levels. The large working distance and brilliant imaging power show the finest details without losing the field of view over large workpieces. 

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Leica S APO

The Greenough stereo microscope, Leica S APO with apochromatic 8:1 zoom and 75mm working distance allows easy access to specimen even at high magnification up to 80x which is ideal for quality control, cell sorting and microinjection applications.

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Motic SMZ171

With the new SMZ-171 Stereo Zoom microscope Motic proudly introduces an optically improved addition to its well-established SMZ Stereo series.

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Available in a variety of specifications for diverse needs the S9i stereo microscope boosts efficiency and optimises optical inspections in your work, due to:

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